In a few words

Born in London and based in Paris since 2004, Tom began his training at the Bedlam Theatre in Edinburgh, where he had taken shelter under the pretext of studying History and Languages.

He made his first screen appearance in Enfin Veuve, by Isabelle Mergault, in which he played Christophe Gratigny,  Michèle Laroque’s insufferable but well meaning son, and audiences everywhere dreamt of belting him one…


He has appeared since in film, on TV and in the theatre, and has also become a regular fixture on TV, radio and online as he lends his voice talents to a range of commercials, documentaries, cartoons and video games.

He relocated to Toronto in 2019, from where he continues to work across all media.

Aside from his work as an actor, Tom is also a writer, translator, director, stand up comedian, acting coach and photographer.